Technical info

Equipment used for BINGO! the documentary


Cameras 16mm
CP-16: Used for all footage shot in Europe as well as interview with Peggy.
Aaton XTR: Used in Gay Bingo Sequence.
Krasnagorsk-3: Some high speed and slow motion in Bingo halls during Sylvia sequence and in final montage.

Cameras Digital Video
SONY VX-1000: Most of the project was shot with this camera, sometimes using a wide angle adapter from SONY. Model VCL-0752H (the same adapter used by Haskell Wexler!).

Cameras Hi8 & 8mm
SONY Hi8 palmcorder : Used for B-roll in Gay Bingo sequence.
Mom's Cannon 8mm: Used for interview with Dezzy in Ireland.

Audio Technica 4071a long shotgun microphone: Used for the majority of the film, either handheld or on the boom.
PSC 48 Phantom Power Supply
vdB boompole
Tascam DA-P1 Portable DAT: Used for all sync shooting with the CP-16.

Post Production

Editing Computer
Macintosh G3 (beige) 300 mhz
RAM 320 mgs
58 gigs of Storage
External Zip Drive
GV-D300 (now a DSR-20)
Taxan RGB Vision 210 monitor (hand me down from my brother)
Viewsonic G790 Monitor
Rage Orion 128 Video Card
Apple 17" Monitor (Garage Sale)
Advent Computer Speakers

Digital Origin EditDV 1.6.1 & MotoDV
Bias PEAK le (free with EditDV)
Freehand: Used to create Bingo cards as seen in Shirleys lesson on Bingo Patterns.